About Us

Cyclops Pedal Power teaches young people skills for a future made uncertain by inequality and climate change. We use practical and creative activities to kickstart discussions around complex issues in a way that is fun and accessible. We then support young people to use our awesome kit to run events and campaigns which have a positive impact.

We focus on these important skills for an uncertain future:

  • Creativity – We need to be able to think of new solutions to the challenges facing society. Addressing inequality and climate change means thinking of new ways of living, working, socialising and paying for things! Can you imagine what kind of world you want to live in? We’re a big fan of promoting interest in STEAM; Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths. We also make music, drama, videos and more!
  • Critical thinking – The news can be confusing, but let’s not just take things for granted. Let’s ask where our information comes from, and see whether there are other points of view. We need to be able to understand what is going on in politics and society, because only then can we participate in issues that affect us.
  • Citizenship – Citizenship is about more than just volunteering. It’s about knowing what your rights are, and taking responsibility for making sure we all live in a fair and sustainable society. We’ll teach you how to identify people with power who can help you, and how to create a convincing campaign.
  • Co-operation – There’s strength in numbers. Whether you’re trying to start a community cafe, or launching a campaign to save a local library from closing down, it’s good to know how to work together to do amazing things.
  • Care – Tackling climate change and inequality can feel difficult, but it is possible if we support each other and take time to look after ourselves. Some people want us to be divided and blame particular groups for certain problems. We disagree. Let’s focus on what we have in common, and what we can do to make things better.


Our history

Cyclops Pedal Power was started by Stephanie in 2013 with funding from O2 to build a single pedal-generator. Woody joined soon after, having previously managed the pedal-power project with Engineers Without Borders at Sheffield University.

Michael (Woody) is a qualified physicist doctor person and a quantum power-astronaut. He likes chocolate and long walks on the beach and has only singed his beard twice.

Stephanie is a qualified youth worker, part time circus skills tutor, and full time tea drinker. She re-sat all her A level Physics exams because she failed them the first time and now thinks she is the patron saint of people who are bad at maths.